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Bubba Kush is a very common heavy indica hybrid. Initial L.A. strain. She claims that the other was a northern light phenotype that had been translated from Mardi Gras in New Orleans, while one of her parents was an OG Kush plant; the unnamed mother strain has been affectionately called "Bubba" and has since been lost. Bubba Kush was only available as a clone before 1998, but was repeated to store and sell the seeds. Bubba Kush is a typical indica that leaves users comfortable, but still usable. Usually, the THC content ranges between 15% and 22%.You Can  Buy Bubba Kush Online and  Get Bubba Kush for Sale Online.

Bubba Kush smells

The leaves are dark green and often color violet, which is activated by cold temperatures during the growing process as a result of anthocyanin pigments. It is a highly resinous strain — the colorful leaves are coated with white trichomes, and can also be seen from inside when the buds split open. The flowers are slightly fruity and have a vague aroma of coffee and cocoa. Bubba Kush smells, if burnt, more hazy and sweet, as a Kush would suspect, with very harsh smoke and cough induction.
Seemingness: Quite dense flowers differ between dark black and violet and green depending on how this strain is "cut." Bubba continues to produce cannabis flowers of the Kush style that lean from golf balls to swollen hearts.


One of the special scents you will never forget is the fragrance of Bubba Kush. It also released dark earthy sounds, but it tasted an acrid ammonia. Bubba Kush hits the nose a little bit differently for everybody, from coffee to dirty feet. Goodness: Chocolate notes can be given for ammonia but irrespective of how thick and heavy the smoking is, depending on the pheno. Aromas range from earthy to body (yes, gross to eat but pretty to cannabis) to well cropped Bubba which should give the aroma through water and the bowl 's end. Characteristics: Highly controlled substance effects, although still heavy body, are a bit less causing sleep with the Katsu cut.

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