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The Big Bud is a hybrid, which mainly has huge, gluing flowers and strong bodies. The Big Bud is well- known. Big budget was developed in the US in the 1980s as a potential cross between Afghani, Haze and Northern Lights in the early staple strains and spread rapidly across the then underground market, according to Sensi, seed distributor. The intrepid fans of the Big Bud transported the strain to the cannabis health refuge of the Netherlands during the war on drugs started by Richard Nixon and sponsored by Ronald Reagan, to feeding and genetically-stabilizing it. Fortunately, Big Bud survived and gained popularity in the United States. You can buy BUD onlineand get BUD for sale online. This strain shows the importance of the field of expert horticulture-Big Bud may have been lost or diluted without the care and attention of master cannabis producers. Luckily, Dutch cannabis enthusiasts stabilisation of the varieties has ensured their strength and continued popularity. A real knockout strain goes a bit long and people with a low tolerance should adjust dosage accordingly. Even if not the best choice for a visit to the city, Big Bud is perfect for physically engulfing and calming you mentally in quiet and comfortable conditions.

Look and Flavours

Healed flowers are enormous by comparison standards-chunky buds are very resinous and are adhered to in big parts, even when packaged in small quantities. There are less than normal pistils in the green spring buds, but there are a wide number of white, silver trichomes that make the buds almost moist.

hybrid Jack Herer

These buds are also very sticky and are constantly hard to crack by hand because of their great trichome count. The scent of palms is as audacious, with a mainly thanksgiving fragrance and earthy fruity. The strain of the parent Haze also gives herbal spiciness. Notably, Big Bud has a genetic profile close to that of the famous hybrid Jack Herer, both with parents in the families Haze and Skunk, but Big Bud has a grape flavor that is higher than the citrus Jack Herer. The Big Bud smoke is smooth to the point and finishes with a sweet and consistent flavor.

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