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OG Kush is a popular plant, known well beyond the world of cannabis. However, its exact origins remain a mystery, given its fame. Some argue that this is a cross between Chemdawg, a staple, and ahardy Hindu Kush. OG Kush may also be a distinct phenotype of some other existing strain from undocumented bag seeds. You can buy OG KUSH onlineand get OG KUSH for sale online. OG Kush has medium to large nugget-style buds with a dense structure. While the leaves are yellowish green, certain phenotypes may show signs of purple; the latter color is caused by cold weather activation of anthocyanin pigments. These colorful flowers stand out from vibrant orange pistils intended for the capture of pollen from fertilizing male plants.

OG Kush smoke

The buds are coated with trichomes that give them a silvery and blank look and hold them to touch- users will want to use a grinder when preparing buds for a joint or a pipe. When processed correctly, the buds have the mouthy and earthy aroma accentuated by some citrus brilliance: a hoppy craft beer is the ultimate feeling. The buds are more wood like odor when they are burnt or damaged. OG Kush smoke is usually harsh and toxic; it can foul the sinuses and bring irritation to the eyes. The smoke taste hashy and sweet, as a typical inhalation and exhalation indica. OG Kush 's high head is more physical than head based. It begins with a sudden headrush, which may lead users to feel closer to their surroundings and may increase sounds and colors. This change in senses could quickly give way to a global euphoric upliftment. The focus is not as cerebrally increased like with more pure sativas – smokers are not affected by a disoriented sense of quick thought association or "mindrace." It's a versatile smoke which fits the mood and mind of the user. The combination of mental stimulation and improved mood makes it a unique social strain that is good for parties and lively talks.

Medical Benefits

OG Kush is a supremely curative strain of cannabis that has amazed the medical community with its capacity to cure so many illnesses. It is also used by MMJ patients with neurological conditions and chronic pain as well. Its strong therapeutic advantages are indeed one of the main reasons why OGK  huge popularity growth has occurred during the past half decade. More and more people discover that instead of taking a full blown indica, they prefer to take this strain rather than prescription medications, which are so often associated with disgusting, life altering side effects. OGK can also provide patients who have serious and chronic pain functional relief, as the robust cannabinoid profile of strains really helps to relax and relieve the plagues and also to alleviate swelling and lower neuropathic discomfort. If you have stress, depression , anxiety or some other mental disorder with OG Kush, most would recommend smoking mild amounts of OG Kush, or consuming a low-dose diet. That is because heavy THC use when coping with a mental illness, at least in terms of start-up of fear and parinoia, will do more harm than good. Know your boundaries and keep them inside.

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